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Welcome to Khloris Healthcare Solutions

We present the miracle of nature

More than a decade back, a sincere and dedicated effort was made to establish a company to market natural Oils products away from human-made chemicals. Khloris health care of Health and Beauty Products is the result of vision and insight from Khloris Healthcare Solutions to realize the dream of human service with natural oil products. Striving to achieve full health and beauty through its products, which was specially developed by the expert team after years of research. Strict quality tests are conducted for all products at every step to ensure the highest quality standards before the products go into the hands of the consumer. Quality, consistency, reliability, service and efficiency are the key factors through which we have received the full trust of our valued customers. It has grown wonderfully and is still moving forward in full swing. Khloris Healthcare Solutions which envisioned the idea of providing people with the best health products that are natural oils and that are of the highest quality. The products are great value for money and as a result are much more satisfactory. Frequent use of healthy products from abscess helps in the general good of our health. Our motto is “Customers deserve the best” therefore we produce the best.

Regardless of age, frequency of physical activity or body condition-we’ve all experienced stiffness or soreness in muscles, tendons and joints, muscle fatigue, spasms and injuries are all too common these days. Khloris relief balm is a therapeutic blend of vital oils, and natural components. This unique, muscle relaxing palliative specializes in penetrating the skin to provide soothing comfort from muscle stiffness. Often maintaining healthy skin is not as easy as it sound. Damage over time, sun exposure, eating habits and a variety of other factors can all combine to result in irritated skin. Khloris skin care oil and organic moisturizer oil is specially formulated to soothe and repair the effects of skin irritations with its properties. Our organic oils which help rejuvenate and repair confidence is key to interacting to the world around us. Nothing damages this more then looking into the mirror and feeling helpless at the condition of our skin. Khloris face care oil has been specially blended to assist with spots, marks & inflammation reduction. Argan oil & jojoba oil have been used as substitute to make khloris face care oil suitable for all skin types on your face. Regular use will also revitalize & rejuvenate your skin helping you feel more confident.

KHLORIS manufacturing and packing standards are with the plant in Addition to the regular SAPHRA inspections. This is where the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation come into play.

The manufacturing quality systems meet the criteria of the SABS for Its ISO rating, and operating according to GMP guidelines.

For our customers who rely on the safety and efficacy of the products


Khloris products are tested for microbiological testing and results show that they are all bacteria free.

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