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A fusion of aromatherapy oils
Khloris Relief Balm
Alleviates symptoms associated with: Muscle stiffness Sports injuries Inflammation. Relief Balm is used as a soothing balm for muscle injuries, cramp, joint. This balm combines the qualities of an ancient traditional Eastern Recipe.
Khloris Skin Care
Khloris Skin Care oil helps soothe the effects of skin irritation Khloris skin care oil for all skin types Moisture + Vitamins Organic oils which help rejuvenate and repair skin
Khloris Face Care
Khloris face Care oil helps soothe the effects of Skin irritation, Spots, Marks, Inflammation, Reduction, Moister, Skin Vitamin, Blemishes.
About Khloris

MMore than a decade back, a sincere and dedicated effort was made to establish a company to market natural Oils products away from human-made chemicals.

  • Fast Action Rapid Relief Balm
  • Skin Health
  • Sun Protection
  • Hair Health
  • Nail Quality
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