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Khloris skin care oil for all skin types
Moisture + Vitamins
Organic oils which help rejuvenate and repair skin

Ideal for

Skin irritation, Spots, Marks, Inflammation, Reduction, Moister, Skin Vitamin, Blemishes.

Confidence is the key to interacting with the world around us. Nothing damages this more than looking in the mirror and feeling helpless at the condition of our skin. Khloris face care oil has been specially blended to assist with spots, marks and inflammation reduction. Argan oil and Grape Seeds oil have been used as substitute to make khloris face care oil suitable for all skin types on your face. Regular use will also revitalise and rejuvenate your skin helping you feel more confident.

  • Soothes the effects of marks and blemishes
  • Moisture + Vitamins
  • Organic oils which help rejuvinate and repair skin.

Khloris products are tested for microbiological testing and results show that they are all bacteria free.

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